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Are You Making This One Practice Mistake?

Yesterday I wrote about starting small as a way to make daily music practice a habit. Today I thought we would dig a little deeper into how to do that in your practicing. Tell me if this sounds familiar: You sit down to get your time in for the day. You've warmed...

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How To Finally Make Practicing Music A Habit

I just read something that blew my mind. Something that maybe shouldn't have, because its obvious, and logical, and, above all, simple. It's something that immediately sparked me into action, got me thinking differently about how I approach several aspects of...

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June Milestones at On Chord Academy

Hello all! There is one of our core values at On Chord Academy that we feel is vitally important for anyone trying to learn to play music. Make Progress Transparent The musical journey is a long one, and it’s easy to get lost along the way. That is why we stress the...

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Our New Free Guitar Workshop

We're really excited to introduce our brand new Free Guitar Workshop for beginning students. This 1.5 hour course is designed for potential beginning students with little or no previous musical knowledge. The instructor takes complex musical concepts and breaks them...

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Spreading The Word

As we ramp up to the new year we're reflecting on all the hard work that we've undergone to prepare On Chord Academy to be one of the best private music learning institutions in Northern Utah. We're encouraged by the great instructors ready to start teaching this...

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