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Thinking of taking bass lessons? Learn all the bass-ics in our FREE 90-minute group workshop.

It’s like getting a month of free lessons in a single class.

The goal of our free workshops is to help potential students prepare for bass lessons. The workshop is designed to be engaging and accessible. Attendees learn all the concepts normally covered in the first month of lessons.

  • Location: Layton, Utah
  • Tuition: Free
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Ideal Student: Beginning student with little or no previous music education or background
  • Commitment: There is no obligation to continue taking lessons.

What Workshop Students Have To Say

The introductory class was my 9 year old daughters first foray into the real world of playing guitar. Unlike some other places this school starts with fun AND teaches music fundamentals…My daughter learned more in her free intro lesson than most guitar teachers teach in a month, all while enjoying every minute!

Brandt D.

For me the best tell of how a lesson of any type is to ask the person who just had the lesson (in this case my son) how the lesson was. Once we where in the car driving home I asked my boy, he answered, “I really liked it and I really want to keep doing it.”


KSL User

Better Than a
“First Free Lesson”

Did you know that most bass students barely play their instrument during the first lessons? In fact, the typical new student spends most of the first month learning music notation, meter, bass orientation, etc, before playing at all.

We designed our workshop to cover all of these first-month concepts in a single workshop. We teach you the basics, so you are fully prepared to start taking bass lessons. Even if it’s from someone else.

No Commitment Necessary

There is no commitment necessary in order to take our free beginning bass workshop. There is no obligation to take lesson from us to attend the workshop, or after you’ve completed it. We simply want to prepare students for lessons

If you are unsure about taking bass lessons at all, you don’t even need your own bass guitar. You can use one of our basses for the workshop absolutely free.

Meet The
Workshop Teacher

John-Chatelain-Bass-TeacherJohn Chatelain is a co-founder of On Chord Academy. He teaches bass at our Layton, UT location. He developed the Bass Workshop curriculum, based on the popular Free Guitar Workshop created by co-founder Jordan Olsen.

John has played bass for 19 years and studied Jazz Performance at the University of Northern Colorado.

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