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Discover more about our music school, why we started it, our vision, the core values of our process, and who we are as well.

On Chord Academy offers private lessons in Davis County to beginning, intermediate, and advanced level students of any age. We are dedicated to simplifying the music education process to help more people successfully turn their love of music into a passionate talent that will enrich their lives.

Our Vision

At On Chord Academy, we believe in a simplified approach to music education; that a prepared curriculum, transparent methodologies and automated administration will engage music students more, and foster a long-term love of music and performance.

Our Mission

We help students of all ages transpose their love of music into mastery of an instrument by providing them with instructors, lessons and a school dedicated to simplicity, transparency and engagement.

Our Core Values

Create simplicity

Above all else, simplicity is the hallmark of On Chord Academy. Learning an instrument is hard enough on its own. But add to that all of the procedural and administrative elements and it can be down right daunting. We don’t want anything getting in the way of a student and their education, so we create simplicity everywhere we can.

Respect the investment of others

For the most part, everyone around you is working hard. They are investing themselves in what they are doing. You should act in a way that shows you are thankful for their investment, but that shoes you are equally invested too.

We love music

We know from experience that anytime you work in music, whether as a professional performer, at a music magazine, as a teacher or even as a student, sometimes the work overshadows the music. We believe in the importance of keeping our love of music in the forefront of everything we do.

Vision should always be long term

More music students drop out in the first year, 54%, than continue on. And of those who do, only 23% make it past year two. We want to instill a lifelong passion for music, and encourage our teachers and students to adopt this same scope.

Make progress transparent

When you are in the muck of it, struggling with how far you have left to go, you can lose sight of how far you’ve come, and fast you’re progressing. We aim to make progress transparent, through practice tracking, long term goals and by building a video archive of each student’s lessons.

Music is fun

This goes along with loving music, but it different enough. Learning an instrument, just like playing one, should be fun. However, there is a lot of tedium and repetition built into both. Always remember that the less fun parts, like running scales and loading gear, make the fun parts possible.

Instruction should lead to performance

Because no one dreams of learning the guitar to play it alone in the basement, our instruction works in tandem with regular opportunities to perform. You haven’t really mastered a scale, a song, a lick, until you have to rely on it in front of people.

A quality curriculum correlates with a quality education

While there are many ways to learn an instrument, haphazard and on-the-fly lesson plans aren’t effective. Every one of our teachers uses either an approved method, or teachers from their own if we have approved it.