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Love Trey Anastasio? Want to learn to play like him?

Are you a fan of Trey Anastasio? Do you love Phish? Do you want to study Trey’s guitar playing and start injecting his unique style and techniques into your own improvisation, soloing, and song writing?

6 Trey Anastasio Inspired Guitar Licks You Must Know is the perfect course to learn some of Trey’s bending techniques and styles and to work on getting them under your fingers.

In this course you’ll be guided each step of the way so you can learn these licks, develop Trey’s bending technique, and most importantly learn how to move these licks across the fret board.

What Will I Learn In This Course?

Guitarists will learn…

  • You’ll learn 6 Trey Anastasio inspired guitar licks that were culled from live Phish performances.
  • You’ll learn how to how transpose the licks into any key and play them across the fretboard.
  • You’ll discover how to start adding Trey’s licks and style into your own playing.

What Learning Materials Will I Get?

In this course you’ll get…

  • Over 70 minutes of detailed video instruction & explanation on exactly how to play these guitar licks.
  • Tablature and notation for all 6 licks as a downloadable PDF, Guitar Pro, or Tux tablature file.
  • 3 backing tracks for each lick in multiple keys so you can learn them in various keys and positions.

Goals Of This Course

My goal for you is to learn…

  • How to play Trey’s guitar licks.
  • Trey’s bending techniques behind these licks.
  • How to transpose these licks into multiple keys.

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Course Materials

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