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Get your first month’s worth of instruction FREE in a 60-90 min, small-group classes.

Our free music workshops are designed to help anyone realize that they can learn to play an instrument. From first-time learners with no musical instruction to one-time students who took lessons, but lost interest.

Free workshops let you come into the school, meet one of our instructors and learn the basic knowledge and terminology that will help you succeed at learning. Our workshops take place in a fun, small-group setting and there’s no pressure to enroll.

We even supply the instruments so you don’t have to buy one to take the workshop.

Discover What People Have to Say

About the free music workshops

We signed our daughter up for the introductory lesson and were more than impressed with what she got. She went in with very basic knowledge about the guitar and, after only 90 minutes, left with knowledge of the instrument, the ability to read tablature, an understanding of counts and measures, and was playing simple songs. It was obvious that the instructors here really care about their students!

-from KSL

About On Chord Academy

The friendly environment and individual attention each student gets is unique. The instructors are excellent musicians with extensive musical backgrounds. They work towards an individualized plan yet use a standard curriculum so you know that you will keep progressing instead of just spinning your wheels. It is hands down the best school in the area with instructors for all genres of music as well as students of all ages.

-from Thumbtack

Choose Your Beginning Workshop

Beginning Guitar Workshop

Take your guitar knowledge from zero to hero in one night.

If you’ve never read a note of music, ever wondered why your guitar has position markers, or if you bought a guitar and just don’t know where to start, then our guitar workshop is prefect for you. Give us 90 minutes and we’ll teach you basic music notation, tablature, and guitar orientation.

Show up knowing nothing, leave with all the knowledge you’ll need to succeed at learning.

Beginning Drum Workshop

Feel the beat, in your feet, and its free…

When learning to play drums, everything comes down to how you learn stick control and hand position. Get started learning these two key elements and everything you would normally learn in your first month of drum lessons in one class. Drum Workshops are currently enrolling. Space in June is filling up fast.

Rhythm is a language spoken by your hands, feet, body and mind. Start speaking it today.

Beginning Bass Workshop

Throw down the low down tones.

At the core of every successful band is a bassist that can groove. And at the core of every bass player is a keen understanding of music notation, the parts of the bass and their functions, and a feel for meter. Coincidentally, these are the exact things you can learn for free at our workshop.

Get your groove on this Summer. You can BYOB (bring your own bass) or use one of ours.