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Music Lessons In Layton, Utah

Guitar Lessons

Individual, weekly, performance-minded

On Chord Academy offers beginning, intermediate and advanced guitar lessons to students of any age. Lessons are once a week and one-on-one so the curriculum is tailored to their pace. Private guitar lessons in Layton combine handpicked method books with exercises personalized to the student’s musical interests, to ensure the each student stays engaged and progresses quickly.

Voice Lessons

Everyone has one. Not everyone can use it.

If you are ready to move from singing in the shower to singing on stage, you are ready for voice lessons. We offer private vocal instruction in Celtic, Musical Theater and Operatic vocal styles. Vocal students of any age can learn how to sing correctly without damaging their vocal chords. On Chord Academy voice students learn correct posture, core strength, resonance and interpretation.

Drum Lessons

Rhythm and Beat

Drum lessons at On Chord Academy will take you from percussion newbie to a solid, musical performer ready to play in any genre. Starting out with stick control and progressively building patterns and complexity, students who learn to play drums with us get more experience, more chances to perform, and a broader musical education. Learning to play drums is more than just showing up for your lessons. Our students learn how to practice so they get more out of their investment.

Bass Lessons

Improve your groove, guaranteed.

Bass lessons in Layton from On Chord academy are designed to take you all the way from bass novice to groove master. Nearly every style of music relies on bass to anchor the chords and set the groove. Our bass guitar lessons will teach you how to be a versatile player and a well-rounded musician. Bass lessons are 30 minutes, once a week, and are available in Layton, UT, or online via Skype.

Ukulele Lessons

Easy to learn for smaller hands.

Whether you’re sitting in at a neighborhood strum or performing in your own room, no instrument guarantees a smile on your face while playing more than the ukulele. Ukuleles have fewer strings than guitars which—along with their smaller size—make them the perfect instrument for younger students, or anyone just starting out. Ukulele lessons focus on strumming rhythms, and chords for playing songs.

Any Age, Any Level

On Chord Academy accepts students at any experience level and at any age. It is never too early, or too late to start taking music lessons. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched a musical instrument or have been taking for years; our teachers will adapt their lesson material to start right where you are.

Limited Availability

Music lesson at On Chord Academy fill up fast. We are constantly looking for new teachers who fit our philosophy and who can provide the experience we expect for our students. Lesson availability depends entirely on our current teachers’ schedules, so lesson times get claimed first-come, first-served.

I am absolutely amazed by what my son has learned from On Chord Academy. The teachers are amazing, the price is right, and your child will thank you.

Aric W.

Every student taking music lessons
should learn to perform

We believe firmly that the point of taking music lessons is to share music. Whether that means joining a band, recording covers and posting them on YouTube, or casually playing songs with good friends around, learning to play an instrument should include learning to perform. Our teachers have extensive and diverse performance experience to draw from in helping teach you how to perform.

You really haven’t mastered a scale, or song, until you have to rely on it in a live performance. Because we believe this is true, On Chord Academy provides our students with regular opportunities to perform, from recitals and master classes that take place in our Davis County location, to open-mic “gigs” at local music venues.

Looking for
something else?

Are you looking for something we don’t seem to offer? A specific instrument, or maybe an available time? Or maybe you just need a little help.

Please contact us and let us know. We can’t guarantee to be able to accommodate your needs, but we will do everything we can.
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