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Take Ukulele Lessons At On Chord Academy

Learn to play songs on the funnest instrument there is

From the beaches of Hawaii to an ocean of acoustic covers on YouTube, no other instrument as seen as dramatic an upswell over the last few years as the ukulele.

The Ukulele has become a widely popular instrument, both in schools and in pop culture. Its smaller size, affordability, and relative simplicity, paired with high-profile popularity—such as Vance Joy’s Riptide and Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele Songs—make it a great first instrument.

At On Chord Academy, we have seen great success in teaching ukulele to younger students, and beginning musicians of any age.

What to expect at your first ukulele lesson

At your first Ukulele Lesson at On Chord Academy, you will meet our Ukulele Teacher, John, and discuss with him your goals, the reasons you want to play ukulele, your musical interests, etc. You will make some goals for the week and learn how to track weekly goals. You’ll leave your first lesson with a good idea of how lessons are going to go and have a first song and at least one strumming pattern to practice.

Ukulele Lessons Focus On Three Main Areas Of Musicianship


Most of us want to play songs on the uke, and for that you need chords. Learning to read chord diagrams and choosing fingers to use to fret the notes, is the primary focus of ukulele lessons.

During lessons the ukulele student will learn a few 2-3 chord songs, to get used to reading a lead sheet. Then the ukulele instructor will start introducing new chords, to expand the students chords library.



Along with their first chords, ukulele students learn many varied strumming patterns, increasing in complexity to ultimately make playing ukulele songs more interesting and enjoyable.

Ukulele lessons start out with simple strumming patterns while students develop an understanding of note lengths and the motor control necessary to use strumming and percussion techniques.



Because of its relative ease, uke students learn new songs faster than other instruments. As such, ukulele lessons help students read and understand the lead sheets most often

Additionally, Ukulele students at On Chord Academy also learn to read standard notation, so they can read melodies as well. This allows uke students to distinguish themselves at strums.


Students Learn

Holding The Uke

Fundamental to good playing, is how to hold the ukulele. The uke is unique among strummed instruments in how it is held. Figuring out a good sitting and standing posture is important in creating a relaxed and comfortable playing experience.

Strumming Techniques

Being able to read rhythms and count a pattern is only half of the battle. Having a strong understanding of how to actually strum the ukulele, both in a downward and upward direction, is a huge part of beginner ukulele lessons.

Fingerpicking Tricks

Some songs require a more nuanced approach in playing them. Sometimes the correct sound for a song is product by plucking the strings individually in specific patterns, as opposed to strumming them all together.

Chord Types

Beginning ukulele students benefit from learning to distinguish the different types of chords, such as major, minor, 7th chords, diminished and augmented. That way they can anticipate differences when learning new chords.

Changing Chords In Time

One of the hardest skills most beginning ukulele students need to develop is how to change chords in time. Our teacher helps students figure out how to keep the pace of a song going, without constant stopping for chord changes.

Singing And Strumming

Most people don’t realize people who sing an play an instrument are multi-tasking rhythms. One for the instrument. One for the melody. Learning to play/sing conflicting rhythms at the same time is an important skill taught in Ukulele lessons.

Ukulele Lesson Prices

Ukulele Lessons + Rental

Weekly, One-on-one
  • Primary lesson type: weekly, one-on-one
  • Private lessons / week: 1
  • Lesson Length: 30 minutes
  • Beginning workshop: Free
  • School-Wide Workshops: Free
  • School Performances: Free
  • Ukulele Rental: Included 

Meet Our Ukulele Teacher – John Chatelain

John is one of the cofounders of On Chord Academy, and teaches ukulele, guitar, and bass here. He started playing bass at age 9, picked up guitar at 17, and ukulele 3 years ago. John studied Jazz Performance at the University of Northern Colorado, has toured Europe with the bluegrass band Albion, and played in multiple rock, irish punk, and jam bands over the years.

John brings energy and fun to ukulele lessons, combining structured methodology with improvised exercises designed to build each students skills individually. and has found an affinity with younger students and beginning students of all ages.

Come In For A Trial Ukulele Lesson At On Chord Academy

Meet with one of our ukulele teachers. Call today for a free trial lesson


Whether you already have experience taking ukulele lessons, know the basics of music from another instrument, or are brand new to the instrument, a free trial lesson is a great way to meet one of our ukulele instructors, tour our teaching facility, and get a feel for the ukulele lesson experience, without committing to anything long-term first.

At your free trial lesson, the ukulele instructor will ask you to demonstrate any knowledge of:

  • Standard Music Notation
  • Basic Ukulele Anatomy
  • Demonstration Of Basic Chords

The ukulele teacher will also discuss your goals and suggest an immediate focus for learning.

If you are ready to schedule a trial uke lesson, call
1-844-ON-CHORD, ext. 1 (844-662-4673).