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Take Voice Lessons At On Chord Academy

In just 6 weeks you can master a song using proper vocalization.

By the end of your first 30 minute lesson, you will have: identified your vocal range, discovered the concepts behind proper breathing, learned a few breathing exercises, and chosen your first song.

Voice Lessons are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


  • Lesson Length: 30 min
  • Lesson Frequency: Weekly
  • Lessons Per Month: 4
  • Lesson Fee: $97 a month

What to expect at your first vocal lesson

At your first voice lesson at On Chord Academy in Layton, you will meet your vocal teacher and spend a few minutes getting to know each other. You will be introduced to correct breathing and learn breathing exercises. The vocal teacher will take you through some vocal scales and exercises to determine your vocal range and level of ear training. Based on those exercises, you will pick your first song.

Voice Lessons will teach you three things:

how to sing, what songs will help you sing better, and how to perform

Learning Technique

The goal of learning vocalization technique is for you to sing well without hurting yourself. Bad singing habits that can lead to chronic fatigue of the vocal chords, pitch problems, poor tone and can actually reduce your range.

Through your singing lessons, you will learn how to breathe, how to place the tone and sing notes at the far ends of your register without damaging or fatiguing your voice.

Preparing Songs

More often than not, when a vocal student struggles performing a song, the problem isn’t technical; it’s song choice. Singing a song outside your vocal range forces you to strain your voice, develop bad habits and can be discouraging.

When you take singing lessons in Layton from On Chord Academy, you will learn songs chosen to enhance and expand your range, not strain it.


When you take voice lessons at On Chord Academy, you are working toward a point of performance. Not only are you learning the skills and the songs; you will learn how to develop a style, and how to perform using that style.

On Chord students have the opportunity to perform at monthly in-house recitals, bimonthly open mics at small local venues, and semi-annual concert events.

Lesson Prices

What Students Learn

Good breathing for singers is the ability to control the diaphragm so it pushes the air out of your lungs as slowly or as quickly as you choose. Proper breathing is one of the most important skills necessary to be a good vocalist.
Ear Training
Having a “good ear” in music means that you can hear and duplicate pitches. Ear training should teach you how to listen, how to hear a tone, and how to duplicate it. Exercises will focus on duplicating pitches vocally.
Placement is where you focus tone in the body, i.e. in the chest, the throat, the nose or the head. At On Chord Academy, we focus on placement in the head, which reduces the force on the vocal chords and is healthier for the voice.
Sight Reading
Sight reading is the ability to read and follow the written text of a song. The focus is to recognize the notes on the page and relate them to a pitch, or interval. Sight reading lets you sing a melody without having heard it first.
Preparing Songs
Preparing a song is more than just memorizing the words and learning the melody. You will also plan and practice breathing spots, and work to ensure a consistent and pleasant tone on the notes that push your vocal range.
Performing Techniques
As many “vocal stars” have proven, a good performance can compensate for less than perfect vocalizing. Trained vocalists develop a personal style in addition to proper technique; the two combined give them the ability to move an audience.

Meet Our Voice Teacher – Jill Wilhelm

Jill Wilhelm started taking piano lessons at the age of 4. She took opera lessons from the world-renowned Eugene Masluk, and sang Mozart and Verdi arias throughout California. Jill transitioned from opera to Celtic when she formed a rock band with her husband.

Upon moving to Utah, Jill became the vocal director for a youth theater company and has been involved in musical theater in Davis County ever since.

In addition to teaching beginning vocal students, her musical journey gives Jill the unique ability to coach voice students who are transitioning between genres. She has developed a keen understanding of how to visualize tone placement and proper breathing.

On Chord Academy students will benefit from her ability to choose songs that will enhance their vocal ranges and will expose them to new skills and experiences.

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