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Hello. I’m Jill Wilhelm.

Jill Wilhelm has a passion for singing, developed through years of study and performance. Jill draws on years of teaching, coaching and performing experience to craft a voice lesson experience that helps students develop their confidence as well as their voice.

Jill Wilhelm’s Lessons

Jill’s lessons help students develop a breadth of skills and are paced to push the student to new places with their voice.



Good singing technique is a universal trait among professional vocalists in every genre. No matter the style, learning how to sing with proper technique makes your voice stronger and prevents you from doing damage to your vocal chords. Jill uses a hybrid approach, developed from her range of experience, to help voice students develop great technique.



While technique is universal, every genre of music requires a different style. Singing musical theater requires a different mindset and tonal placement than opera. Jill teaches her students and theater ensembles to match vocal tone to performances and roles. Learning to place the tone in different parts of your body will allow you to sing a wide range of genres and style.



A good performance can make up for less than perfect vocalizing. But a good performance, when added to proper technique and singing placement, will let you move an audience. For the last 7 years, Jill has helped hundreds of students and performers develop personal styles that animate their performances and entertain their audiences.

Jill’s Background

John brings years of experience—both in teaching and performing—from a wide variety of genres including Jazz, Rock, Bluegrass, Jam, Celtic, Americana, and more.


Education & Interests

Jill studied opera with Lucia Scardigno and the renowned Eugene Masluk in California. She transitioned from opera under Larry Gee of the University of Utah. For nearly 20 years, Jill has performed in Celtic folk-rock band, Pladdohg, which she formed with her husband. Jill worked as a vocal director with the Belasco Theater Company in California and after moving to Utah, she founded her own company, JAKS Youth Theatre Company in Davis County.


Professional Experience

  • 7 years private teaching, coaching
  • Vocal coach for Belasco Theatre Company
  • Founder/Director of JAKS Youth Theater Company

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When you take singing lessons with Jill, she will help you choose music that will systematically challenges your range, strengthening your core technique and introducing you to new styles. Our goal is to expand our voice student’s interests as well as to develop their skills and give them the experience and confidence to perform live.

Take Voice Lessons from Jill Wilhelm at On Chord Academy, in Layton Utah.