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Hello. I’m Jordan Olsen.

Jordan Olsen teaches beginning guitar students to learn to play guitar. Jordan is On Chord Academy’s co-founder and the instructor for our highly successful Beginning Guitar Workshop. Jordan specializes in teaching brand new beginning students the fundamentals of playing the guitar.

Jordan Olsen’s Lessons

Jordan Olsen’s guitar lessons are highly focused and structured for beginning guitar students to learn the fundamentals of the instrument. His private lessons are definitively split into two blocks: method and song playing.



The method side includes exercises that teach students to read music notation, scales, chords, and teach students the formal language of music as they learn to play guitar.


Song Playing

The song playing side puts those methods into practice helping students enjoy the instrument, helping them play the songs they love.

Jordan’s Background

Jordan has been a staple in the local music scene for the past 15 years. Raised in a family involved in local theater, Jordan has always had a passion for performance. Jordan earned a professional guitar certificate from Berklee College of Music, to pair his passion with an in-depth knowledge of his instrument.


Education & Experience

  • Professional Certificate of Guitar from Berklee College of Music
  • Played Guitar for 20+ Years
  • Teaches beginning guitar (Electric or Acoustic)
  • Wrote OCA’s Beginning Guitar Workshop music book
  • Staple of the Utah music scene
  • Released 9 albums since 1998
  • Co-Founder of On Chord Academy
Jordan Olsen's Full Bio

Jordan was first exposed to music and live performance via his grandmother, Beverly Olsen, who got him on stage at the age of 7 in her traveling theatrical road shows. Beverly later built the Pages Lane Theater in Centerville, Utah and then the Terrace Plaza Playhouse in Ogden, Utah where Jordan spent much of his youth on stage and learned to sing and perform.

Jordan learned to play guitar at age 14 from a private instructor in Clearfield, Utah. By age 16 Jordan was recording his first album that he released in 1998. Since then Jordan has released 9 CDs, 1 live DVD, and is currently working on releasing his 10th CD with one of his long time bands, Old Man Johnson. Jordan is currently a member of the progressive jam band Wafer, and sits in from time to time with jazz rock group, Monsoon Season.

Jordan has had the pleasure of performing as a full time musician from 2009 – 2010 with his now-disband alt-rock trio, The Gorgeous Hussies, which toured the western United States and released their nationally distributed album Sweet Surrealistic Queen which garnered radio play on over 250 college radio stations nationwide.

Now Jordan focuses much of his musical time on teaching and studying the guitar himself. He is currently a student of Berklee College of Music’s online certificate program where he is earning a Professional Certificate of Guitar. He is currently developing a 36-week rock guitar course based around Berklee’s curriculum for intermediate students who want focused curriculum based instruction on becoming an advanced guitarist. More details to come.

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