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Hello all!

There is one of our core values at On Chord Academy that we feel is vitally important for anyone trying to learn to play music.

Make Progress Transparent

The musical journey is a long one, and it’s easy to get lost along the way. That is why we stress the importance of pointing out when our students learn something they didn’t know before, or have mastered something they were struggling with.

Milestones help you set the pace, and remind you that even though you have a long ways to go, you have already made it this far.

And the same thing applies to entrepreneurial journey. We are excited with how far On Chord Academy has come in the 6 months since we opened. We are still a long ways off from reaching our vision, but that doesn’t take away from how far we’ve come.

In an effort to make progress transparent for our school, here is a recap of firsts from June.

1. First Student Open Jam

Open JamWe had our inaugural Student Open Jam in June. For many of the students who attended, this was their first experience playing songs with other students. Playing with other musicians is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced every bit as much as chords, scales or arpeggios. Students in both the Beginner and Intermediate jams learned a song together, and were able to play it as an ensemble by the end. A few students in the Intermediate jam got up and played a solo for the first time, which was awesome to see and hear!

The next Student Open Jam will be Friday, July 26. 6:00 PM for Beginner 1 and 7:15 for Beginner 2 & Intermediate students. It lasts an hour and is free for all current students. (Add it to your calendar while you’re thinking about it!)

2. New Teachers: Drum and Guitar

We were happy to bring on two new teachers in June: Nathan Chappell (drums) and Leon Hall (guitar).

Nathan Chappell Drumming at Arts in the ParkNathan Chappell is one of the hardest working drummers in Davis County. In addition to teaching lessons for us here at On Chord Academy, this summer Nathan has been working with the Ogden School District, Arts in the Park, Odyssey Elementary, and Ogden Arts Fest’s Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation for student based workshops and drum clinics.

Leon HallLeon Hall has been teaching guitar for 3 years and earned his bachelor’s degree in guitar performance from USU. Leon’s teaching approach is inspired by his first experience with guitar lessons, which was not pleasant. In his own words, “After my experience with such a poor teacher in high school, who seemed to ignore completely what I wanted to learn, I really try to help students learn to play what they want to and have fun in the process.”

3. Drum and Bass Free Beginner Workshops

Most of our guitar students have come through the Free Guitar Workshop for Beginners. It is a 90 minute class that takes absolute beginners through the very basics of music notation, guitar orientation and tablature. Students who attend the beginner workshops have a strong foundation for starting to learn to play music.

And up till now it had just been for guitar.

With the addition of Nate to our teaching faculty, we are happy to announce that we now offering free drum workshops. Jordan, who developed the guitar curriculum, worked closely with Nate to develop a 90 minute class that would prepare students for lessons. And we saw our first few students come through this fun, informative and free workshop.

John also through his hat in the ring and developed a free bass workshop for beginning bass students. This class will take an absolute beginner bass student through all the bass-ics to be able to start lesson with a little bit of groove.

July workshops are still available for guitar, bass and drums. And best of all, they’re free, with no obligation to enroll at On Chord Academy. If you know anyone who is interested in trying one of these instruments, please refer them.

Looking to the future

In the next few months we will be rolling out even more opportunities to help you learn to play music, and to grow our community.

Thanks to everyone who is a part of On Chord Academy, and here’s hoping I get the July recap out before mid August.