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Since 2013...

On Chord Academy has taught music lessons in Layton, Utah.

We love helping aspiring musicians, future performers, and dedicated hobbyists in Davis County develop their understanding and deepen their love of music.

Our students enjoy individualized lessons from experienced teachers, live performance opportunities and extracurricular events to deepen their musical understanding.

We Believe...

A music student needs 3 things to succeed:

  1. A Progressive Curriculum to challenge them appropriately.
  2. Experienced Teachers who adapt to students' learning styles.
  3. Performance Opportunities to solidify what they've learned.

Music Lessons We Teach

You want to play guitar because it’s “cool?” You’re not wrong!

Guitar is an extremely expressive and fun instrument to play. We love helping beginning to advancedstudents learn how to play guitar. Our experienced teachers create an enthusiastic and supportive environment, using tools and approaches that can be adapted to the individual student's strengths and abilities.

Our guitar students enjoy:

  • Multiple performance opportunities each year
  • Monthly "Listening Parties" to expand their interests
  • Intermediate & advanced student bands
  • Exclusive access to our Guitar Certificate Program

On Chord Academy Guitar Certificate Program

We are the only guitar studio to offer the On Chord Academy Guitar Certificate Program: a four-tier, progressive curriculum designed to take a student from their first day all the way through auditioning for collegiate-level guitar programs.

This program provides a clear path for learning guitar through four certificate levels, broken down into achievable units. Once a student demonstrates sufficient mastery—by attending a Guitar Jury—they are awarded the certificate and an exclusive color guitar strap that matches their level.

Guitar Lesson Info
  • Lesson Type: 30 min., Weekly, One-on-one
  • Lessons Per Month: 4
  • Lesson Fee: $109 /mo
  • Free Trial: Yes
Guitar Lessons in Progress

Voice lessons to develop pitch, range and performance.

On Chord Academy's voice program focuses on learning technique, like correct breathing and voice placement, while learning warm-ups and songs that help students progressively increase their control and range. Voice students learn how to prepare songs for performance and develop a personal style and presence that enhances overall performance.

Meet Our Voice Teacher Jill Wilhelm

Jill has a passion for singing which she developed through years of study and performance. Jill draws on decades of teaching, coaching and performance experience to craft voice lessons that help students develop their voice as well as their confidence.

Jill started piano at the age of four, took opera lessons from the world-renowned Eugene Masluk, and sang Mozart and Verdi arias throughout California. In addition to forming the Celtic rock band, Pladdohg, Jill founded and currently runs JAKS Youth Theater Company, a non-profit group producing numerous musicals and performances throughout the year.

Voice Lesson Info
  • Lesson Type: 30 min., Weekly, One-on-one
  • Lessons Per Month: 4
  • Lesson Fee: $109 /mo
  • Free Trial: Yes
Guitar Lessons in Progress

The only music lesson that lets you hit stuff. But…musically.

From your first drum lesson you will begin working on rudimental drumming, stick contreol, and developing tempo. Over your first few months you’ll learn beats and grooves on the drum kit while learning to read and interpret written music notation.

On Chord drum Academy students focus on four key areas in drum lessons:

  • Rudiments: Rudiments create the language that all drummers speak.
  • Beats: These are the backbone of music and change depending on a song’s genre and feel.
  • Fills: Drum fills can serve as transitions between sections or as miniature drum solos.
  • Notation: Learning to read music notation specific to drumming.

Meet Our Drum Teacher Nathan Chappell

Teaching drumming is important because I have seen too many drummers who don’t have proper eduction and struggle due to lack of technique. I would rather our young musicians receive the right instruction so that they can make quality music and actually make art.
—Nathan, Drum Teacher
Drum Lesson Info
  • Lesson Type: 30 min., Weekly, One-on-one
  • Lessons Per Month: 4
  • Lesson Fee: $109 /mo
  • Free Trial: Yes
Guitar Lessons in Progress

Perfect for smaller hands, or anyone who just likes smiling.

From the beaches of Hawaii to an ocean of acoustic covers on YouTube, no other instrument as seen as dramatic an up-swell as the ukulele. Its smaller size, affordability, and relative simplicity make it a great first instrument.

Our Ukulele Lessons focus on 3 main areas:

  • Chords: Learning to read chord diagrams and use proper fingerings.
  • Strumming: Ukulele students learn strumming patterns which progressively increasein complexity to make playing ukulele songs more interesting and enjoyable.
  • Note Reading: Our ukulele students also learn to read standard music notation, so they can read and play melodies, as well as to develop into well rounded musicians.

Meet One Of Our Uke Teachers Chis Aguilar

I love helping people understand why music is so awesome. Music has enriched my life. It’s brought me from low moments to high moments and I love being able to share that with people. Being able to give somebody, whether it’s a hobby or a life, something that they are going to do for the rest of their life.
—Chris, Guitar & Uke Teacher
Uke Lesson Info
  • Lesson Type: 30 min., Weekly, One-on-one
  • Lessons Per Month: 4
  • Lesson Fee: $109 /mo
  • Free Trial: Yes
Guitar Lessons in Progress

Bass: the most important harmonic & rhythmic force in a song.

The hardest musicians to find, no matter where you are, is a good bass player. That’s why taking bass lessons gives you a competitive advantage. Bassists who are versatile, experienced and passionate always have a band to join and a gig to play.

On Chord Academy bass students learn the 3 P's of versatile bass playing:

  • Pitch: The right notes at the right time. Part of learning music is knowing scales, patterns, and progressions.
  • Pocket: If you don’t develop an internal sense of rhythm, playing bass, or any other instrument, just wont be as fun.
  • Performance: Knowing how to play through a mistake is a learened skill.

Meet Our Bass Teacher John Chatelain

As a multi-instrumentalist, I love learning music. Whether it's a new instrument, new techniques, genres, songs...I love it all. And that's probably why I love teaching so much too. Helping my students find their own love for music by developing a critical ear, experimenting with songwriting and recording, or finding their internal sense of rhythm.
—John, Bass Teacher
Bass Lesson Info
  • Lesson Type: 30 min., Weekly, One-on-one
  • Lessons Per Month: 4
  • Lesson Fee: $109 /mo
  • Free Trial: Yes
Guitar Lessons in Progress

About Us

From the beginning, we set out to create the music learning experience we wish we had had when we were starting out. We love trying new things and exploring the best ways to engage our students. We are proud of what we have developed so far, and our students' progress.
— John Chatelain, Co-Founder & Teacher
Our goal is to create a complete educational experience. We focus on the individual through private lessons, performance opportunities, ongoing music workshops, as well as a band program. We’ve created a very in-depth and unique educational experience.
— Jordan Olsen, Co-Founder & Teacher

Location & Hours

Where We're Located

  • Address:

    360 S. Fort Lane, Suite C-110
    Layton, Utah 84041

  • Conveniently located right off the Layton Parkway Exit of I-15, in the Fort Lane Plaza, in the second building on the left.
  • Driving Instructions: Youtube Video

When We're Open

  • Teaching Hours:
    • Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Lessons:
      • Monday - Thursday: 3pm-9pm
    • Voice Lessons:
      • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 3pm-9pm
    • Drum Lessons:
      • Monday - Thursday: 3pm-9pm
    • Student Bands Program:
      • Wednesday: 6pm-10pm
  • Administrative Hours: (Winter-Spring '24)
    • Monday: 6:00pm-8:00pm
    • Tuesday: 5:30pm-7:30pm
    • Wednesday: 5:30pm-7:30pm
    • Thursday: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Get To Know Us

Meet A Teacher

Jordan Huston

  • Years Teaching Guitar: 11 yrs.
  • Years At On Chord: 8 yrs.
  • Years Playing Guitar: 22 yrs.
  • Education:
    • University of Utah
      • B.A. Music Composition
  • Fun Fact:
    • Jordan enjoys bird watching.
  • Teaching Statement:

    You can achieve whatever you like, if you're willing to put the time into it. Any of my students can play anything they like, it will just take a variable amount of time.

Read Reviews


I have taken lessons at many music schools, but On On Chord Academy is by far the best place I have ever taken lessons from! All of the teachers are outstandingly hard working and have tremendous patience with each student. They have made it a positive and safe learning environment where you can actually enjoy jamming out.

— Parker, Guitar Student & Student Band Member

Love this school!!! Three of my kids take guitar lessons here and have not only learned how to play the instrument, they’ve gained a greater appreciation for music in general. The instructors at On Chord are amazing! They create a fun and challenging environment that keeps my kids motivated...and the instructors want each child to grow and succeed in their music journey.

— Cindy, Proud Parent

The reason I think On Chord is way more fun than other places is because I get to pick the music that I learn. My friends who go other places have to learn really lame songs that their teacher picks out for them...I can honestly say that On Chord is the best!!!!

— Daisy, Ukulele & Guitar Student

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  • 360 S. Fort Lane,
    Suite C-110
    Layton, UT 84041

Free Workshops, Trials, & Sign-ups

Beginning Guitar Workshop & Guitar Jury

Beginning Guitar Workshop

Everything You Need To Learn Before Starting Lessons

On Chord Academy's Beginning Guitar Workshop is a 90-minute lesson primer designed for true beginners. During the workshop, we cover critical foundational curriculum and technique needed to start properly learning to play the guitar.

Workshop students learn:

  • Basic music notation & counting
  • Guitar orientation
  • Open string names
  • Proper hand techniques
  • Guitar tablature
  • A simple song applying everything they've learned.

The Beginning Guitar Workshop is a great, no-commitment, way to check out our studio, meet one of our great teachers, get a feel for how we teach. It's also a great way to gauge your (or your child's) interest in continuing with on-going music lessons.

Workshops are separated by age group: 8 - 12 and 13 - Adult. The content is the same in both ages groups, but the approach is adapted to different learning styles.

  • Workshop Days: Saturdays. Generally the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.
    See linked calendar for specific dates.
  • Workshop Times:
    • 8-12 yr-olds: 11am-12:30pm
    • 13 yr-olds-Adult: 1pm-2:30pm

Guitar Certificate Jury

The final step to prove your guitar-level mastery.

As part of our one-of-a-kind Guitar Certificate Program, Students who wish to achieve their certificate, and pass on to the next level of expertise, must first "sit a jury".

Similar to how college-level music programs function, a jury is a panel of On Chord Academy teachers who will ask you to demonstrate your knowledge of certificate requirements. The jury will grade your presentation and will determine if your mastery of the information is sufficient to earn your respective certificate.

  • Jury Dates: Guitar Jury's are typically held on the 2nd Friday of each month.
  • Jury Length: Between 25-30 minutes.
  • Jury Times: There are 4 open Jury slots every month from 5pm-7pm.

Trial Lessons

Trial Drum Lesson

Find out what Drum Lessons at On Chord Academy are like.

Ready to start playing drums? Take a free trial drum lesson at On Chord Academy to make sure drum lessons are for you. This 30-minute, one-on-one lessons will introduce beginning students to the fundamentals of playing the drums, and will allow intermediate and advanced players to express their goals and needs for lessons with our instructor.

  • Trial Date/Time: Wed. 4:00 or by appointment
  • Trial Length: 30 minutes.
  • What You'll Need: Drumsticks if you have them. All other materials will be provided.

All Other Trial Lessons

We'd love you have you meet with one of our teachers.

For all other instruments, we offer trial lessons based on teacher availability. Please let us know if you would like to take a trial lesson for one of these, and we will work on scheduling one with you.

  • Trial Lesson: 30 minutes.
  • Trial Date/Time: By appointment.
  • Beginning-Advanced Guitar: For guitarists with previous lesson or playing experience.
  • Voice Lessons: Ages 5+. For singers of any experience level.
  • Uke Lessons: Ages 6+. Great for students interested in this fun and accessible instrument.
  • Bass Lessons: Ages 8+. Deep tones for the groove-oriented.