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On Chord Academy: Hours

Teaching Hours: Mon-Thur 3pm-6pm
Guitar Workshops: Sat 10:30am, 12pm (click to sign up)
Administrative Hours: By appointment

On Chord Academy

On Chord academy: Location

360 S Fort Lane, Suite C-110
Layton, Utah 84041. (driving directions)

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My daughter has been playing for over two years and she has taken lessons from several instructors who provide group or individual lessons and the quality of teaching at On Chord Academy is beyond any other learning experience…The value for the money, the expertise of the instructors and the rapport they have with their students is remarkable. These classes have helped my daughter advance musically beyond what I ever expected and it has also helped her overall confidence and self esteem…Every lesson is completely tailored to her and incorporates her interests and musical tastes. I feel that this is what really sets On Chord Academy apart.

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I honestly can’t say enough about this school! I absolutely love it, and am so very impressed with the teachers, and how amazing they are. They love music, and that enthusiasm is passed on to their students. Best thing I could have done for my son! I can’t believe what he can play after 9 short months of taking lessons.

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We signed our daughter up for the introductory lesson and were more than impressed with what she got. She went in with very basic knowledge about the guitar and, after only 90 minutes, left with knowledge of the instrument, the ability to read tablature, an understanding of counts and measures, and was playing simple songs. It was obvious that the instructors here really care about their students!

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If you are interested in lessons at On Chord Academy in Layton Ut, please take a look at one of our free workshops, the easiest way to prepare for taking lessons.

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